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noun. something (such as a fence or natural obstacle) that prevents or blocks movement from one place to another


adjective. separated from other people or things


noun. a story from the past that is believed by many people but cannot be proved to be true

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Silk Road Vocabulary

Stephani Roberts

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Teaching is shifting increasingly online, and it's not easy to create lesson plans that keep students engaged outside of the classroom. That's where Knoword comes in. It turns learning words, terms, and definitions into a game that's not only fun and intuitive, but also completely customizable by teachers. Choose from thousands of pre-made word packs, or create your own.

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Vocabulary List 3

Flip Flopping in First by Mrs. Silva

Module 1 Vocabulary

Mrs. Baxter

Preservation/Food Spoilage

Anecia Hoppie

Ivan Law's collection

Who is Ivan Law and his OCs?

Ivan Law - Knoword

Nationality stereotypes

Юлия Копейкина

Grade 9 Teorya ng Pangangailangan

Micah Felomina


Looking Professional

Jon Wieland

Narrative Writing

Narrative Writing Vocabulary

Jessica Nolker

Context Clues Vocabulary

Ms. Corbett

Studying the Weather


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Knoword packs are like sets of interactive flash cards. Whether you're teaching biology terms, names of historical figures, capital cities, or movie titles,
there's a pack for that. And if there isn't one, it's just as easy to create custom packs for your students to play and expand their vocabulary.

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